Linda Weintraub is a curator, educator, artist, and author of several popular books about contemporary art. Her recent writing explores the vanguard intersection between art and environmentalism, including TO LIFE! Eco Art In Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet published by the University of California Press; it is the first college level eco-art text book. Weintraub’s previous books on eco-art include the series, Avant-Guardians: Textlets in Art and Ecology (2007). It includes EcoCentric Topics: Pioneering Themes for Eco-Art; Cycle-Logical Art: Recycling Matters for Eco-Art; EnvironMentalities: Twenty-two Approaches to Eco-Art. Weintraub established Artnow Publications in order to apply environmental responsibility to the books’ material production. She served as the Director of the Bard College museum where she curated over sixty exhibitions. Her current book projects include Art-is-an Environmental Health Clinic (author) and  In The Making: Creative Options For Contemporary Architecture (editor).

Weintraub received her MFA degree from Rutgers University. She maintains a homestead on an eleven acre property in upstate New York where she actively applies the principles of Permaculture to food production, land management, and energy generation. She is living in the eighth home that she and her husband designed and built. It is an innovative, efficient industrial galvalum structure.

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Image: Home, prefabricated industrial structure made into superefficient house on eleven acres of land. New York State.