Ernesto Pujol is a site-specific performance artist and public choreographer known for his socially-engaged art practice. He creates silent, durational, walking performances as portraits of people and places within familiar landscapes and emblematic architecture that have nevertheless become invisible, aiming to reveal their psychic underlay in the Jungian sense.

Pujol is interested in contributing to greater collective consciousness through mindful presence, achieved through deep sight, profound inner silence, and considered gestures. Pujol remains a student of the human condition, documenting dreams, secrets and visions, as intangible but vital fragments to understanding and healing history. His durational performances have often served as mausoleums or monuments to forgotten, or remembered but unresolved social issues, which have been mourned or reflected upon during the experience.

Pujol trained in art and humanities, education, psychology and sociology, media theory, and Western monasticism, studying in the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. He has performed with urban and rural communities worldwide. He is the author of Sited Body, Public Visions: silence, stillness & walking as Performance Practice; as well as numerous published essays in collections like Awake: Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art, Learning Mind: Experience Into Art, and Fernwey: A Traveling Curator’s Project.

Image: durational group performance, Speaking in Silence, 2011, Honolulu