Fatric comes to Nomad/9 from Accra, Ghana. 

What are you working on in your studio practice this month? I am currently developing two working styles both adaptable to different spaces. The first working style is an installation piece of fabric that I hand stitched pieces of wax print fabrics, collected from local tailors and seamstresses within my neighborhood. The second work is a collage exploration of photographs. These images are digital photos of plastic wastes and fabric accumulation that one could find along the beaches in Ghana. They are printed in black and white, cut out and layered on a black polythene bag then heat pressed. This particular work style is in the experimental stages.

How does the Nomad/9 curriculum challenge you and support you? This program has challenged me creatively and continues to challenge me in many other ways. Working simultaneously on different classes, meeting assignment due dates while combining it with my family and work life has been very challenging. The reading materials coupled with the hands on experience (Techno Labs) has significantly enriched my knowledge base and given me both breadth and depth in contemporary art practice from a global perspective.

What has been the most transformative experience, interaction, or realization while on residency? All the residencies have been unique experiences with insightful lessons learnt. Spending time with Linda Weintraub in Rhinebeck, NY and experiencing her art forms was a transformative moment for me, this experience continues to play back in my memory perhaps because it was my first residency in the program. This was the first time I had met her in person after reading her book titled TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet. I was totally blown away by her life style. I admire the fluidity and inter-connectedness of the multiple forms through which she expresses her creativity. Each form remains unique, though they are linked to her creativity as a whole. Maximizing my creative potentials through various aspects of my life yet ensuring union with nature has been my goal since I met her.

Please share a story that reflects a surprising or interesting aspect of the Nomad/9 community. The level of team spirit and bonding that I have experienced in my cohort is definitely one of a kind.  I am a first year student, so we have had only two residencies so far, but anytime we meet it seems we’ve known each other forever. It feels very warm and refreshing interacting with both students and lecturers. The first art critique session was during our summer residency on campus and the recent one was in fall at the Laberinto Project space in El Salvador. The group feedback I received on the last day of our circle time with Christy Gast in El Salvador was stupendous. I remember it gave a candid opinion of my art practice and offered critical suggestions going forward. I also remember the sense of unity and oneness of purpose when we all had to give feedback where all participants were ready to share their time, experience and knowledge with other students to make their journey in this program a success. Some offered to be resources on particular subject areas if anyone needed help.  All students bring a unique touch to the class considering their diverse backgrounds and experiences through studio works and also the conversations we share with each other. This has enriched my understanding of other cultures, made me better understand myself and most importantly better appreciate my classmates.

What have been your favorite classes so far, and why? My favorite classes so far have been the critique classes and the Techno Labs. My primary objective in this program is to be able to articulate and present art works that represent the themes, topics and issues that resonate with me. The critique sessions practically help me to contextualize the readings and experiences into studio works and also I get a group of academics and artists to give feedback on my work in person. The Techno Lab’s always give me hands on experiences on projects which add to my skills set.  The Art and Place class was particularly interesting as well, as it exposes you to different cultures offering a better understanding of that particular environment, how everything within it is connected and related from an artistic, creative and intellectual perspective.