My involvement with the Nomad 9 MFA comes at a time when I am actively reimagining the role of the arts—and the responsibilities of arts institutions—in generating and sustaining systemic, cultural change. As Head of Public Programs and Community Engagement at the Studio Museum in Harlem—an institution embarking upon a building project with bold implications for social innovation and the field of contemporary art—these considerations have never felt more urgent! As an arts professional whose work spans across numerous disciplines—including, participatory design, human geography, documentary photography, arts and culture writing, and creative entrepreneurship—I have found a perfect fit in Nomad 9’s experimental approach to interdisciplinary learning. Through the Public Art Professional Practices course, we will generate an actionable tool-kit that empowers artists to see themselves as entrepreneurs, and develop a vocabulary for communicating ideas in a variety of contexts and on a spectrum of scales. With a focus on collaborative ideation and practical application, I hope to equip emerging artists with the confidence, language, currency and resources to continue to dream big, in a time when radical thought and action have never been more important.