I’m excited to be participating in the interdisciplinary graduate program and to be entrusted to deliver the Methodologies in Contemporary Art foundation seminar. I am mostly interested in the intersection of visual art, performance, new music, new media and art and social practice; the edges those practices reveal in conceptual terms.  The seminar will explore potential alternatives to traditional artistic practice for the participants and examine precedents for operating in this manner. I’m looking forward to working with a diverse population of artists in Nomad 9.


My own work moves between media, addressing process, materiality, time structures and multimedia musical collaborations, so I feel quite at home in this program. Recent projects include a meditation on Venice (“Venetian”, 2013-15), a visual response to an anonymous Parisian photo album from the early 1900’s using Google search algorithms  (“Search | Research”, 2014) and a multimedia musical collaboration with composer Ken Steen, double bassist Robert Black (Bang on a Can All-Stars) and programmer/composer Adam Lenz (“Drifting Off”, 2015). http://genegort.com/current_porjects/current_projects.html