Hello! I am the director of the Interdisciplinary MFA (Nomad9). It has been a dream of mine to create a new sort of MFA program, one which better prepares artists to contribute to the world during this era of climate change, social inequities and cultural upheavals. Since publicly introducing the program at the Venice Biennale during the opening night of the Creative Time Summit in August, I have been meeting with prospective students about the program, and developing the courses and residency sites with faculty. The enthusiasm of our prospective students has affirmed my belief in the need for this unusual curriculum. It is clear to me that the time has come for an MFA that includes the study of history, ecology, place and materiality. The time has come for an open outcome program that allows many types of artists to be part of an experimental MFA with a focus on Sustainable Culture. I look forward to welcoming our first cohort of students following the January 15 admissions deadline. After nearly five years of program development, “bureaucratic brambles” and fundraising, it is finally time to begin the work at hand: creating an educational community that is grounded in respect, and open to experimentation.