Welcoming Interdisciplinary MFA students to my homestead epitomizes the interdisciplinary pursuits that fill my life. As an art professional, I have been deciphering vanguard art movements as they have emerged since the 1980s. Transforming violations of art conventions into meaningful innovations is the goal I have pursued as an art educator, curator, author, and artist. The art movement that currently occupies the vanguard is ecologically oriented. As such, I have expanded the interdisciplinary nature of my roles to include bee keeper, stone mason, compost maker, shepherd, mushroom grower, etc. Students will explore the creative potential provided by materials available in woods, gardens, streams, meadows, pastures, and barnyards.  This potential is both aesthetic and pragmatic. We will also avail ourselves of the numerous contemporary art venues that enrich the cultural life in the Hudson Valley, and meet some of the members of the eco art vanguard who reside in the Hudson Valley.