Art as social practice is at a very critical crossroads. It evolved from what was known during the 1990s as site-specific or community-based installation art, into what became known as socially-engaged art during the first decade of this century. But we are now witnessing its absorption by our art education institutions into a standardized medium that reflects the dated leftist politics of materialism, still based on the redistribution of a mythical notion of American abundance that is increasingly unsustainable on all fronts. I am not interested in the standardization of my practice, its consumption by a system in moral crisis into a teachable medium inside a white cubicle. Instead, I am interested in what truly lies ahead: the creation of conscious culture. Therefore, I am excited to be invited to teach in a new graduate program experiment that seeks no outcome other than the triggering of conscious creative processes without the anxiety of making art. We do not need more artists and art; we need more conscious cultural workers generating a healed culture of consciousness. This small new program is opening a path toward that goal, and in that it points to the right pedagogical path.

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