The Hartford Art School’s Interdisciplinary MFA recognizes that art is embedded in culture and calls artists to pair introspection with real-world exploration. As we work together as students and faculty, we will need to develop our vulnerability so that we can learn from and be changed by the people and circumstances that we encounter. My recent project, the Ellipses Project, embedded young artists in Masonicare Partners Home Health and Hospice, Connecticut’s largest hospice organization. These young artists joined teams of hospice caregivers and worked with dying patients by teaching creativity, talking about art, collaborating on art projects, and looking at artwork together. Both artists and patients were changed by their work together as each group gifted the other with enriching perspectives and practices. The Arts and Healthcare Course that I will teach for Nomad 9 will explore the longstanding connection between art and healing and will give students the practical and theoretical know-how that will help them pursue healthcare projects of their own. Learn more at